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“Just one more thing before I go, know that I am proud of you. I’ll be waiting in the wings when our time to reunite comes.”

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes those surprises are wonderful and sometimes they are horrific. Raising her beautiful daughter, Lindsey, on her own with the unending support of her best friend and her husband, Anna was happy.
Until one night…she wasn’t.

Tragedy struck, tipping Anna’s world into a downward spiral of despair. Her world turns dark and bleak and she sinks further into depression. Her friends try to pull her from her pit of misery, but it’s Jacob Caulder that saves her, bringing her back into the light.

Life is good again, although memories still haunt her. The one missing link to her existence is no longer there, but Jacob helps her along the way, giving her back something she’s lost. They say we are never given more than we can overcome.

Once again, life rips Anna’s world apart, leaving behind shattered remains. Guilt and shame plague her and it seems impossible for her to crawl out of the deep hole she finds herself in once more. But she has no choice. There is someone else that needs her to be strong.

At the darkest time of her life, Zak walks in and becomes the savior that she needs. Finding her strength, she overcomes the heartbreak of her past and learns to blossom again.

Will life find another way to bring Anna to her knees and keep her there once and for all? Or has fate deemed she’s given up enough already?

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About the Author


Shevawn Michelle lives in central Georgia with her husband, three dogs, turtle, and hermit crab.

She loves the outdoors when the weather is nice. Camping, fishing, or reading a good book are a few of her hobbies.

She loves thunderstorms and secretly wanted to be a storm chaser in her younger days.

Shevawn is always looking to connect with her readers!

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